Marine Science (Portugalete) - UPV/EHU

Supply and Demand Results:

Places available 606060
New admission matriculation for new admission as their first option 151718
New admission matriculation in first year (Spanish) 71015
New admission matriculation in first year (Basque) 575
New admission matrículation in first year (English)
Study access route:
      UET (University Entrance Test) 101516
      Spanish university degree
      Vocational Training 433
      University degree from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
      >25 years 000
      University degree from outside the EHEA which gives access to 2nd or 3rd cycle studies
      Others 201
Minimum admission results 5,2485,0155,002
Foreign new students 201
Occupation of the degree 26,6730,0033,33
Preference of the degree 37,0032,000,42
Number of students with a grant (Females) 46*1
Number of students with a grant (Males) 1211*12
*Basque Government, Ministry for Science and Education and UPV/EHU´s scholarships inclusive


Learning Results:

Performance rate 67,2572,3462,36
Rate of drop out of studies 56,52*40,74**47,82
Graduation rate 13,51*19,23**30,43
Success rate 84,5287,4181,03
Evaluation rate 79,5682,7676,96
Efficiency rate 84,4375,6480,42
Mobility students sent (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 481
Mobility students received (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 1114123
Student satisfaction 4,0/54,14,2
Graduate satisfaction Not available
*Cohort 2011-2012
**Cohort 2012-2013