Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering (Mondragón) - Mondragon Unibertsitatea | DUAL TRAINING

Study Programmes Evaluation's Reports

Supply and Demand Results:

Places available 7070
New admission matriculation for new admission as their first option -67
New admission matriculation in first year (Spanish) 0
New admission matriculation in first year (Basque) 55
New admission matrículation in first year (English)
Study access route:
      UET (University Entrance Test) 5265
      Spanish university degree
      Vocational Training 22
      University degree from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
      >25 years 00
      University degree from outside the EHEA which gives access to 2nd or 3rd cycle studies
      Others 10
Minimum admission results 5.235.11
Foreign new students 1
Occupation of the degree 79,00
Preference of the degree -
Number of students with a grant (Females) 1028
Number of students with a grant (Males) 1627


Learning Results:

Performance rate 89,0089,00
Rate of drop out of studies 12,0021,00
Graduation rate 71,0062,00
Success rate 90,0089,00
Evaluation rate 99,00100
Efficiency rate 94,0098,00
Mobility students sent (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 4317
Mobility students received (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 43
Student satisfaction 6,9/107.007,1
Graduate satisfaction 6,9/106.16