Management and Business Marketing (Bilbao) - UPV/EHU

Supply and Demand Results:

Places available 100100
New admission matriculation for new admission as their first option -
New admission matriculation in first year (Spanish) 7492
New admission matriculation in first year (Basque) 00
Study access route:
      UET (University Entrance Test) 7084
      Vocational Training 35
      >25 years 10
      Others 00
Foreign new students 1
Minimum admission results 5,0445,164
Foreign new students 0
Occupation of the degree 81,0092,00
Preference of the degree -0,00
Number of students with a grant (Females) 2420*
Number of students with a grant (Males) 1816*
*Basque Government, Ministry for Science and Education and UPV/EHU´s scholarships inclusive


Learning Results:

Performance rate 83,9582,83
Rate of drop out of studies -18,48**
Graduation rate 55,56*59,70**
Success rate 86,4787,06
Evaluation rate 97,0895,13
Efficiency rate 88,6889,52
Mobility students sent (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 3636
Mobility students received (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 1215
Student satisfaction 4,03/53,7
Graduate satisfaction Not available
*Cohort 2011-2012
**Cohort 2012-2013