Business and Administration and Management (Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz) – UPV / EHU

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Supply and Demand Results:

Places available 610
New admission matriculation for new admission as their first option 510
New admission matriculation in first year. (Spanish) 334
New admission matriculation in first year. (Basque ) 224
Study access route.
• UET (University Entrance Test)491
• Vocational Training49
• >25 years8
• Others41
Minimum admission results 5.104
Number of foreign matriculated students 34
Occupation of the degree 96.56
Preference of the degree 143.61
Number of students with a grant ( Female ) 357
Number of students with a grant (M ale ) 193


Learning Results:

Performance rate 69.4
Rate of drop out of studies 22,44*
Graduation rate 42,81*
Success rate 83.14
Evaluation rate 83.47
Efficiency rate 87.04
Mobility students sent (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 168
Mobility students received (SICUE-SÉNECA, ERASMUS, OTHER PROGRAMMES) 136
Student satisfaction 3,8/5
Graduate satisfaction Not available
*Cohort 2011-2012


Study Programmes Evaluation’s Reports: